A Cosmopolitan Cosmology

This is a collaborative arts project based on Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland.
From June 21 2009 - December 21 2009 we used pinhole cameras to record solargraph images on the islands of Roaring Water Bay and its environs. Cameras were distributed among the Sherkin Diaspora reaching far and wide. This blog documents the process and solargraphs created. For current work please see my website

some solargraphs

Friday, September 25, 2009

Camera 203 Almeria, Spain , Diego Lopez Calvin

Checkout his website at Solarigrafia by Diego Lopez Calvin


  1. excellent idea to use the sunpaths for almarias Indalo.. :-)
    is the picture finnished?

  2. Hi eok

    the cameras will remain in place until Dec 21st and then will be posted back to Ireland. We will process the negative here and post on the blog

  3. Hi eok, The Solar Indalo is a project which u can reach in: