A Cosmopolitan Cosmology

This is a collaborative arts project based on Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland.
From June 21 2009 - December 21 2009 we used pinhole cameras to record solargraph images on the islands of Roaring Water Bay and its environs. Cameras were distributed among the Sherkin Diaspora reaching far and wide. This blog documents the process and solargraphs created. For current work please see my website

some solargraphs

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Camera Update

We have just started to process cameras and the following analog images are now posted on the blog next to their digital counterparts.
Camera 020 Sherkin
Camera 028 Sherkin
Camera 034 Waterford
Camera 043 Wicklow
Camera 049 France 
Camera 054 Baltimore
Camera 069 Dunmanway

Camera 073 Cork
Camera 080 Cork
Camera 081Dublin
Camera 084 Baltimore 
Camera 085 Cork County 

Camera 091 County Cork
Camera 092 Cork
Camera 093 Tipperary

Camera 098 Cork County

Camera 100 Holland
Camera 104 Dunmanway
Camera 105 Limerick
Camera 106 Co Clare 
Camera 107 Waterford 

Camera 132 Heir Island
Camera 133 Heir Island

Camera 167 & 168 Dublin
Camera 169 Cork 

Camera 172 Cape Clear Island
Camera 173 Cape Clear Island
Camera 176 Cape Clear Island 
Camera 179 Cape Clear

Camera 180 Cape Clear
Camera 182 Cape Clear
Camera 183 Cape Clear

Camera 184 Cape Clear
Camera 185 Baltimore

Camera 202 Limerick
Camera 203 Spain 
Camera 205  Bandon
Camera 206 Baltimore 
Camera 212 Baltimore 
Camera 217 Port of Cork
Camera 219 Baltimore 

Camera 220 Sherkin
Camera 223 Skibbereen
Camera 224 Baltimore
Camera 225 Sherkin
Camera 228 Baltimore

Camera 235 Sherkin

Camera 236 Sherkin
Camera 239 Sherkin

Camera 242 Sherkin
Camera 247 Baltimore

Camera 251 Sherkin
Camera 255 Sherkin
Camera 257 Sherkin 

Camera 260 Sherkin
Camera 261 Sherkin 
Camera 263 Sherkin
Camera 265 Sherkin 
Camera 267 Sherkin
Camera 268 Cork
Camera 269 Baltimore 

Camera 272 Port of Cork 
Camera 274 Port of Cork

Camera 275 Baltimore 
Camera 279 Port of Cork 

Camera 282  Milan, Italy

Camera 105 Limerick

From cosmopolitan cosmology

This exposure was started on 25th June 2009 - I have no other information.

Camera 202 Limerick

From cosmopolitan cosmology

Camera placed in position on June 24th and taken down sometime before Christmas 2009. I don't have any digital images with which to compare.

Camera 239 Sherkin 21 06 2009 - 21 12 2009

From cosmopolitan cosmology

I know I have digital images to go with this analog one, I just have to find them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Camera 263 - Barrack Point , Sherkin Island 21 - 06 - 2009 21-12-2009

From cosmopolitan cosmology

From cosmopolitan cosmology

From cosmopolitan cosmology

Camera 236 Barrack Point , Sherkin Island 21-06-2009 21-12-2009

From cosmopolitan cosmology

From cosmopolitan cosmology

From cosmopolitan cosmology

Camera 220 Horseshoe Harbour, Sherkin Island

Wow I am so happy the image sent to me by MS is superb. It is looking south west from Horseshoe Harbour on Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland, onto the Atlantic Ocean. The image captures the six months from June 21 2009 to December 21 2009 - you can see clearly the recent remarkable clear bright sunshine weather conditions. Brilliant!

From cosmopolitan cosmology

The image was captured using a coffee tin pinhole camera taped to a post.

From cosmopolitan cosmology

This is a digital image of Horseshoe Harbour taken on 21/12/2009

From cosmopolitan cosmology

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Return of the Cameras

I have over 40 cameras back now. Ssome will never be returned as they were lost in the post, opened by customs, opened by recipients or vandalised in situ.

I have a few more to collect here and there, and then will just have to hope that people send the rest back by post or by hand.

Some of the cameras have a lot of water in them, so the next task is to dry them out throughly before processing them.

Camera 228 Baltimore

From solargraphs

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice 2009

Over 30 cameras collected yesterday. It was a great day. We are having a really cold spell so the bonfire on the beach at sunset was a great way to finish the day.

From 2009 Solstice

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice 2009

Today is the Winter Solstice, so after six months we will collect our remaining cameras. Some of the cameras haven't survived - but those that have look in good condition, so I am hopeful that we will get some images from them.

It is really cold and frosty - very unusual for our seaside location, so later this afternoon we will light a bonfire to illuminate us on this the shortest day of the year.

THANK YOU to everyone involved for all your support.

From 2009 Solstice