A Cosmopolitan Cosmology

This is a collaborative arts project based on Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland.
From June 21 2009 - December 21 2009 we used pinhole cameras to record solargraph images on the islands of Roaring Water Bay and its environs. Cameras were distributed among the Sherkin Diaspora reaching far and wide. This blog documents the process and solargraphs created. For current work please see my website

some solargraphs

Saturday, January 16, 2010


We are meeting today to have a preliminary review of images received so far and to discuss what next.....

Also a review of correspondence in relation to the project

ref:  email received from Ann Davern 11/10 2009 re exhibition
Dear Sheelagh
Thank you for your proposal submitted in May and your subsequent letter of 5 October.
The organisation of the programme for 2010 has been complicated by the fact that we had to wait to have a meeting with our funders, the Arts Council to discuss funding implications of the McCarthy Report and the current economic situation. We received only last Tuesday, another letter from the Arts Council which has further implications for our programme for next year and we have had to again revise our plans. The situation may again change so it is very difficult to plan.
However with regard to your proposal. We have prior committments to projects going back over a period of time which we are endevouring to fulfill for 2010. We aim to have a balance of various types of projects in our programme - solo and group exhibitions of emerging, mid-career and established artists, Irish and non-Irish artists, artist with a connection to this area, projects that engage with the community or with a particular constituency and projects that come about through a collaborative work practice.
We have prior committments to several projects that are working towards generally similiar aims and objectives as your proposal, and so to keep a balance in the programme we unfortunately are unable to offer you an exhibition at WCAC for 2010.
I wish you every success with the project.
yours sincerely
ref email received from Moira Sweeney independent film maker 04/1//2009

*_One Sentence Synopsis_*
*/Our Own Place/* illustrates the radical potential of the collaborative arts through the eyes of three visual artists as they create art works with very different and distinct communities in urban and rural Ireland. *__*
*_ _*
*_One paragraph Synopsis_*
*/Our Own Place/* illuminates the vibrant and dynamic practice of contemporary collaborative art in Ireland.  Three very different visual artists at varying stages in their careers, illustrate how the collaborative process works in diverse communities over the spring and summer of 2010. Chris Maguire is a photographer, draftsman and NCAD course leader deeply committed to integrating an arts and cultural practice within urban regeneration. We join him on his fifteen-year photographic journey documenting changing aspects of the Rialto community where he lives. Angela Ginn is a textile artist and landscape painter who has been immersed in the Re-imaging Communities project in Northern Ireland, which transforms murals from tribal expressions of sectarianism to positive celebrations of community identity. We will be following her as she collaborates with the young people of an East Antrim loyalist estate to create a new welcome mural. Sheelagh Broderick is a multimedia artist who is working with the residents of Sherkin Island on a project called Cosmopolitan Cosmology.  We join Sheila as she helps set up pinhole cameras with the residents to record solar graph images and reach out to the Sherkin Diaspora to share in the experience. All these art makers are turning traditional concepts of community art practice on their head as they ask thought provoking questions about who we are and where we live.


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